Electrofusion Processor Calibration Services

Georg Fischer Central Plastics, a leader in piping systems including natural gas pipelines, recommends that each electrofusion processor be factory calibrated a minimum of one every two years. This will keep your equipment up to factory specifications. Regular recalibration identifies any potential problems with machine functionality early and allows them to be corrected before costly repairs are needed. This simple maintenance process saves you time and money as you avoid having to rework your pipeline fusions.

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GTS technicians are fully trained and certified on these computer controlled units. We can calibrate your equipment and make minor repairs on the spot, such as fuse changes, screen replacements, on/off switch replacement, and cord repairs. And if there is a more complex internal computer board repair required, GTS will coordinate directly with the manufacturer to get the repair completed.

Once the calibration is complete, the box is labeled with date information to help ensure the next inspection can be done in a timely manner. And, if you need paperwork for your files, we can provide that as well.

GTS offers you two ways of to have your units calibrated. You can ship your boxes to one of our geographically-centered locations for maintenance. This gives our technicians ample opportunity to fully inspect and calibrate your equipment, with a turnaround time off approximately three weeks. Or we can bring one of our mobile units to your site, with a team to make field calibrations and repairs.

Let GTS manage your electrofusion calibration needs. Contact GTS today to see how we can help you keep operating costs down and your pipeline service levels high.