The most effective natural gas distribution requires reliably fused seams in the PE pipeline. Poorly fused seams can leak gas and can possibly cause complete pipeline failure. So high quality seams are a must. To make it even more challenging, these seams are often made in less-than-ideal conditions – muddy or dirty trenches, poor weather conditions, and with labor that may not have the appropriate training for pipe fusion.

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There are any number of issues that can negatively affect fused pipeline seams and very few are obvious to the naked eye. The person fusing the pipe can see if there is contamination (mud, oil, etc.) of the fusion site, as well as if the pipe ends have been poorly trimmed. They can take care of these problems before trying to fuse the perfect seam. However, there are many concerns that can’t be determined so easily. What’s the correct melt temperature that will ensure the pipe material is the correct viscosity? How much pressure should be applied to the fusion joint? Heat soak and dwell time also have huge impact on the quality of the final seam. These are all challenges that your operator will face and must understand.

To ensure your operators know how to alleviate these potential problems, GTS offers PE fusion training and operator qualification. All our trainers are factory certified, to give you the highest quality training. Your operators will learn specific information, pertinent to your daily operations, such as:

  • fusion theory – both heat fusion and electrofusion
  • proper fusion procedures and techniques
  • ASTMF2620 joining standards
  • equipment design and maintenance
  • application tips

Your operators can receive hands-on training with the equipment, as well as formal classroom training and testing for operator qualification documentation as required by the DOT.

Customized Training

GTS’s certified trainers can develop a complete training program suited to your specific needs. We can customize your sessions to cover the exact equipment, tools, and pipeline material you use in your operations. We’ll tailor your course to the number of operators you needed trained, the level of training they require, and your need for documentation. We’ll even make arrangements to suit your timeframe and location requirements.

Let GTS ensure your operators are fully qualified to expertly and safely connect your pipelines. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your training.