Heater Adapter Recoating

One of the most necessary pieces of equipment for fusing natural gas PE pipeline the heater adapter. These Teflon coated plates ensure the appropriate preparation for each kind of pipeline, whether butt, saddle, or socket fusion.

But these essential accessories are wearable parts. As they are heated and reheated repeatedly, the Teflon coating can become worn. And when the coating is damaged, the pipeline surfaces do not melt with the precision needed. If you have to replace these plates each time they become worn, your operating costs rise.

1 - recoating

Fortunately, GTS can offer you a heater adapter recoating service. Recoated adapters perform as well as new and cost a mere fraction of the price of new parts. GTS technicians bring your header adapters back up to McElroy specifications for optimum performance.

Our experts will visually inspect each adapter and the threads, to confirm they are in repairable condition. If necessary, they will replace the threads and any other hardware. They’ll use aluminum oxide blasting to clean and prepare the adapters surfaces. Our technicians will coat with primer and then a new Teflon topcoat. And all this can be done for you in two-three weeks turnaround time.

Contact us today to find out how GTS can help keep your operational costs low and your pipe fusion equipment working at peak levels.