Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair - Tools


Your fusion tools and equipment are of primary importance in making sure your natural gas pipeline systems installed correctly and your operations costs are kept low. But these items used in the field with natural gas pipelines can take a beating - a harsh weather, open dirt excavations, and moving from location to location. You can't afford down time with this crucial field equipment nor do you want to have to absorb replacement costs.

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Purchasing quality products to begin with is the first step. But with all the moving parts and precision settings that pipeline equipment requires, an in-depth and consistent inspection and maintenance program is a valuable addition to your ongoing operations. The GTS tool inspection and maintenance program can help ensure your tools are in top-notch working order.

GTS’s certified maintenance team will perform inspections on each piece of your fusion equipment including:

  • fusion machines
  • processors
  • scrapers
  • squeeze tools
  • and more

With this service program, we’ll carry out preventative maintenance and/or repairs as needed. We’ll also make sure the equipment is calibrated correctly, set to factory specifications. You’ll also receive documentation on inspected items, outlining all inspection information and standards.

Find our repair intake form here. Complete this form and send it with your equipment, for the fastest service.

There are many benefits to establishing a regular inspection and maintenance program with GTS.

  • Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent costly down time due to tool failure during peak construction times.
  • Well-maintained tools last longer, so they help keep your operations costs lower. And the work done with properly calibrated tools ensures your pipeline fusion work is done properly the first time and won’t require rework.
  • Inspections and minor repairs can be done on site at your location. If additional repairs are needed, we’ll coordinate all aspects of those repairs minimize downtime and work disruption.
  • Our technicians are certified and trained specifically in the use of the correct tools and calibration for your equipment. The work we do will be done right, the first time.
  • Our certified team will review processes with your shop personnel and help them establish proper procedures and practices. And we’ll review basic tool maintenance with your work crews so they know how to keep the equipment in its best condition. This will allow your staff to be more efficient and keep your natural gas pipeline operations running smoothly.

You’ll find an investment in regular maintenance offers you lower costs over the entire life of your system. Contact GTS today to see how we can help you keep operating costs down and your pipeline service levels high.