Tool Kits

Construction kits, Utility kits, Serviceman kits

In order to be their most effective, your natural gas pipeline field crews need all the correct tools at hand when they reach the work site. Each kind of effort requires its own set of tools – whether for construction, for utility work, or for your servicemen’s work. Having a complete kit on site allows your crews to start work more quickly, be sure they have all the items they might need during the project, and saves on down time trying to locate the right tool for the right job.

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GTS offers you our value-added tool kit assembly service. We’ll customize a kit that meets each natural gas crew’s specifications. With our industry experience and knowledge, we can help you identify what tools are required and ensure your crews can follow best practices. We’ll purchase those necessary tools and assemble them into complete kits, each item clearly labeled. We ship these kits directly to you in easily identifiable containers. You can be sure your crews are outfitted for maximum effectiveness in the field, with minimized operating costs for you.

Since GTS has the manufacturer connections and shipping operations in place, you take advantage of our in-house procurement expertise. By allowing GTS to manage this tool kit assembly for you, you can save on labor costs and packaging logistics. No need for you to determine where to purchase the best tools. GTS already has already done that research and established those supplier relationships. Place your order today with GTS and we’ll take it from there.

We are proud to represent a variety of industry leading tool manufacturers,

  • Klein Tools
  • Craftsman
  • Fluke
  • Reed
  • Mustang
  • Stanley
  • Channellock
  • Pelican
  • Sherlock

We can procure and assemble a kit for you that covers tools from the simple to the highly technical. A sample of the tools you may need and we can procure for you include:

  • Allen wrench sets
  • augers
  • axes
  • brooms
  • chisels
  • clamps
  • clevis connectors
  • crescent wrenches
  • extension cords
  • files
  • flashlights
  • gas cans
  • googles
  • grease guns
  • hack saws
  • half cells
  • hammers
  • knee pads
  • ladders
  • leak detection monitors
  • levels
  • locators
  • measuring tapes
  • peelers
  • pliers
  • post hole diggers
  • putty knives
  • pyrometers
  • ratchet sets
  • ratchet straps
  • safety cones
  • screwdrivers
  • shovels
  • slings and chains
  • squeeze tools
  • telescope magnets
  • telescope mirrors
  • Thermoweld kits
  • tool boxes
  • T-probes
  • valve keys
  • wire brushes
  • wire strippers
  • and more, to meet your needs

Let GTS manage your tool kits and improve your field crews’ productivity. Contact GTS today to see how we can help you keep operating costs down and your pipeline service levels high.